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1600338239987504_副本.jpgKunshan SHENGFA Hardware Company Limited, is a professional manufacturer of aluminum die-casting Die, blanking die, precision stamping die, riveting die, fixture, aluminum alloy die-casting production, die-casting products blanking precision drilling tapping after processing, CNC precision processing integrated enterprise. 

The company was founded in January 2008, with a total capital of 50 million yuan. The factory is located at 502 Hangchang road, Zhangpu port, Kunshan. The area of the factory is 5,000 square meters. There are 140 employees: 10 Quality Control Engineers, 6 engineers, 90 grass-roots employees, the other for management personnel.

The company with a number of experienced professional engineers, as well as a unity, efforts, the struggle of the staff, in Shanghai, Suzhou and other regions have become a number of well-known multinational enterprises to the designated qualified suppliers. 

The company believes that in the future, all SHENGFA staff will make continuous efforts to overcome difficulties, to maintain long-term high quality and provide the most competitive prices and best service for the purpose, so that our customers will always be satisfied!

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